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What Athletes are saying about

Precision Hydration

"I can't believe how good this week is going. Today I had cycling climbs and sprints and I just finished a 3300 yard swim. I have a great coach and Precision Hydration to sustain me" - PG

"So started with the daily 250 tabs on Sunday. This morning I took the 500 in water before the ride and the 500 packet in my bottle. Felt really good on the ride (averaged on of my best rides to date) and even afterwards" - SS

"I tried it this morning for a 10 miler. I took 2 salt tablets and 2 of the "orange" packets in my Gatorade/water.  It's a 180 degree difference from yesterday's 12 miler to today's run.  I love this stuff! Will forever use it on any given run during these hot and funky days"! -HH

"Bingo!  Today, I consumed 40 oz while running for 1 hour (with a PH1000 pack) and lost 4 lbs; so my net weight loss was 6.5 lbs/hr.  On top of that, my perceived effort and HR were lower, and my average pace was ~ 27sec/mile faster!  With a heat index of 108F. I'm excited about these findings!" -JP

"The hydration was a game changer today!  Felt amazing.  I'm sold on it!"  -CC

"I preloaded with PH1500 and  used PH1000 on my hottest run of the year today.  My pace was 7 seconds per mile faster than my fastest run in cooler conditions.  I felt great!"  - CK

"I've never felt better racing, no GI issues whatsoever -huge deal! I've never cramped, so I wasn't worried about that - but didn't fret about only doing water throughout a 13 mile run, but with the gels, & salt tabs, I was fine. I always carry gas-x in my pocket, just in case, & I never took it - first race EVER & I've been racing long distance for 6 years. I'm so excited to go into IMFL with this knowledge, practice into place, & confidence. I can't thank you enough for getting me my number, but ultimately teaching me that I was inhaling too many calories for what I was sweating out & able to absorb" -  AE

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