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The Woodlands Full and Half Marathon

Precision Hydration are the Official Hydration Partner of the 2019 Woodlands full and Half marathon.

Precision Hydration's electrolyte drink H2pro1000 will be available at water stops during The Woodlands Marathon to help you stay hydrated in your push for the finish line.

So what's the difference between H2pro100 and Gatorade?

PH is a specific hydration product, which means you can keep your sodium levels up, without having to take on-board additional carbohydrates.  H2pro1000 is a low calorie drink with less than 1g of carbohydrates in a 16oz servings, where-as Gatorade has close to 30g. This makes planning out your race plan even easier, as you can separate your hydration and nutrition, enabling you to know exactly what you are consuming for maximum benefit. 

Why the 1000mg strength?

Out of all the thousands of people that we have sweat tested via our Advanced Sweat Testing, we have found the average person to lose just under 1000mg of sodium per liter of sweat. So this is why we will be using our 1000mg solution out on the course.

Where will it be on the course?

It will be offered as the first drink at each aid station.

Where can I buy it?

Contact me for purchase, I am based in The Woodlands and carry the full stock.

Or online - Use code EV-TWM for a 15% online discount

What is the Advanced Sweat Test?

Find out more HERE

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